About Us

What makes us Pro in the business?

We are bound to time and live to our promises. We remain available and reach your place whenever you expect us. We will be there at your house as promised in the first place. Our service quality and excellence go hand in hand to leave wonderful customer experience.

Transparent price structure

We never hound our customers with unfair price for services promised nor do we force them into pressured sales. 'O'Neill Roofing' has affordable service rates. If you don’t want to deal with expensive repairs and restoration, we will keep it all straight and transparent. We will not exceed our quoted price.

We appreciate our customers and treat them with decorum

When we arrive at your home for roofing repair and services, we comply with good standard of polite behavior and maintain professional code of sanity, friendliness and respect, which is most expected in the business.

Safety first

We believe human safety is the most important requirement of roofing. Our team consists of professionals who are highly trained and certified to maintain expected safety standards. We inspect your house to determine health and safety measures and instruct our team members to wear safety accessories. For properties with great height, we use rails.

We keep you updated on work pieces

We keep you updated on all aspects of our work as we go from fixing an appointment, arrival timing, work hours, and deadlines. We will let you know if there is any major equipment needed or care to be taken. With 'O'Neill Roofing', you are never left behind.



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We offer value for your money

Smart roofing practices not only give your house better appearance, but it also adds great value. A shoddy roof will look unsightly, and buyers will not appreciate the property as much as you expect them. By restoring your roof condition with heat-resistant coating, you will optimize your living standards with enhanced insulation and reduced power bills and most of all give you a safe watertight roof.

You will appreciate us because of:

  • Professional and dedicated roofing experts
  • Affordable pricing
  • Rich experience
  • Spirit of workmanship
  • Compliance and insurance
  • Optimal safety level
  • Better service quality
  • Fast response and well-equipped specialists
  • Exceptional customer experience